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Reviews: Divergent

        Divergent - what a sexy and action packed movie.  Divergent is based on the first book of Veronica Roth’s trilogy.

Silliness = Attractive Before I begin, I will preface that this post comes after a glass (or few)…

Silliness = Attractive

Before I begin, I will preface that this post comes after a glass (or few) of some delicious Pinot Noir.

As I think about some of the reasons I fell “out of” infatuation with a boy, I realize a lot of it was a direct result of not laughing or being silly enough.

First of all – I am a very silly person. BUT, I’m only silly around people I feel comfortable with. I can…

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Women Who Stick Together

Ladies, we’re in a men driven world. It’s not a surprise that we women, make up a meager *17% of total executives in the US.

We need to understand how to play with the boy’s club, then CHANGE IT. I’d love to see more women in leadership positions, I being female have a personal bias, but I wholeheartedly believe there is so much to gain from having a greater female presence.

BUT - ladies, we…

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We must guard and nurture our energy levels at all times. The more tired you are the lower quality your work becomes, the more miserable your existence (this is my friend sneaking in a picture of me as I passed out in her backseat).

I burned out.

Literally. For around a month I slept only…

Ugh this was a needed post for me. I haven’t had very much rest for the past couple of months and I’m definitely feeling burnt out because of it. I ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning, my body actually slept the full 10 hours! And now - as I write this, it’s nearly 2 am and I have to be up in 5 hours. Sigh - I’ll start implementing some of these changes, and I suggest everyone does too! 

Have you ever taken a fitness class, where the instructor is motivating you to keep going until your body struggles to a point where you have to stop? You’re pushing yourself further, moving towards a point of discomfort. The next day, you wake up sore, but you know it was worth it because it will get you closer to your goal. 

Take this same concept and apply it to your work. 

"With ideas it is like with dizzy heights you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down, distrustful of your own powers; but soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude calm your blood; your step gets firm and sure and you begin to look - for dizzier heights." - Nikola Testa

Embrace the discomfort. 

As a consultant, I’m switching from one company to another, one project type to another, one type of role to another, you name it, it can change. I don’t even have a set technology I work with! Each time I get on a project, a part of me wonders if I’ll be successful. Deep down, I know I will do fine because I have support in place that will keep me from failing. However, I always have some anxiety when I begin a project. 

I wonder if I’ll do a great job. I wonder if I can meet expectations. I wonder if I will be able to grasp the concepts or perform the work with high quality. It’s uncomfortable to enter into something you’re not 100% confident about. But you have to do it to grow. 

A friend of mine told me she could do her job in her “sleep.” I advised her it was probably time to look for other opportunities. 

There should be some level of discomfort when you start something new. Embrace it, its a beautiful thing. It shows that you’re expanding your boundaries and moving past your comfort zone to grow. And if you fail? You will still learn, and that’s a crucial part of our lives. 

Do you feel challenged at work? If not, ask your supervisor to plug you into other opportunities. Research your company, if you can’t find an open door, make one open. 

Have your workouts become stagnant? Mix it up. Take a class, start dancing, do something beyond what you’re doing now. I’ve started taking Krav Maga classes! 

Lastly - are you challenging others? I believe in active people development, develop others and develop yourself. 

Imagine the new ideas, innovation, theories, books, medicine, you name it..imagine what we can do when we keep pushing past our comfort zone. 

Think about what would have happened, if these people didn’t push past their comfort zones, and embraced the discomfort: 

  • Rosa Parks: I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable she must have felt when the bus driver told her to give up her seat. 
  • The Wright Brothers: They could have given up, where would we be without their feats in aviation? 

Embrace the discomfort. 

My example? I traveled to Hong Kong and Thailand by myself. I landed in Phuket and pushed past my boundaries, to a point of discomfort, made friends, and enjoyed this crazy night. I did definitely learn a lot, and those lessons learned, I’ve been able to take and write about. Teasers coming soon ;)

Children are wonderful, they teach us so much about the world. Some things we forget, and need them to remind us of. I love my little cousins, they remind me of how joyful the world is when we take a moment and appreciate everything, the big and small. 

They also have great imagination. I remember how much they loved the wrapping paper just as much as the gifts they concealed. How a plain cardboard box turned into a race car, a space ship, or a doll’s house. 

"The man who has no imagination, has no wings." - Muhammad Ali

How is your imagination? 

There are so many benefits to increasing your imagination: 

  • Imagination can help with motivation
  • Enables you to see beyond circumstances
  • Increases creativity 
  • Helps you become more efficient

There are countless benefits, I’m going to stop here and let you use your own imagination to draw some more. 

Do something for me? Listen to one of my favorite pieces: The Butterfly Waltz by Brian Crain: 

Listen to it first, shut your eyes and just listen. Let yourself feel the music and pay attention to your feelings. Each time I listen to this piece, I am literally filled with so much joy that I can’t help but smile. I use my imagination to paint a story, warning you this will be cheesy and representative of my overly “hopeless romantic” self: 

Imagine you’re in a ball room, you as a female are wearing a lovely red silk dress, and your hair flowing over your shoulders and down your back, in large waves. The gentlemen look handsome too, they’re in tuxes. The room is lit with a massive chandelier that hangs above the golden floor, the perfect touch to the already elegant art that drapes the walls. 

You walk in with your friends, and with your eyes, you spot someone, together, you hold each other’s gaze and with a smile, he walks over. But you’re shy, and your cheeks turn crimson. He’s however, confident, and presents his hand to you. As you take it, he initiates the first twirl and together, you dance the waltz. You dance in circles around the room, spinning ever so slightly, and before long, the large room grows smaller until it feels as though you two are the only ones dancing. 

And as you dance, you both begin to feel something. As the music softens and the only thing you hear is the violin, you slow down and lock your eyes, until he tilts your chin, and your lips, meet his. 

Use this as an example, and go listen to one of your favorite pieces right now! Take your imagination greater than you’ve ever been able to. And if you struggle, go find some kids and ask to play, they’ll teach you so much beyond your present world, if you let them. 

I see hearts everywhere sometimes <3. Enjoying some muscles in Lille, France. 

There will be moments when your past comes to the surface, when your weakness is around you… That’s why it’s crucial to be your own foundation, so that you can be the one to tell yourself “no.”

March 8th, marks International Women’s Day. 

Ladies, we’re in a men driven world. It’s not a surprise that we women, make up a meager *17% of total executives in the US.

We need to understand how to play with the boy’s club, then CHANGE IT. I’d love to see more women in leadership positions, I being female have a personal bias, but I wholeheartedly believe there is so much to gain from having a greater female presence.

BUT - ladies, we can’t do this, when we fight, condescend, compete, compare, and bring each other down. 

We can’t pave the way for greater equality, when we CONSTANTLY compare ourselves to one another. Comparisons can be a vicious poison that slowly spreads across your work, family, friends, and eats away your body, mind, and heart. Dramatic? Yes, because it is.

Think back at all the fights you had in high school, didn’t it feel like your whole world was crashing down? Do you get a sense of jealousy when a new female enters the work space, do you want to be better than her? Do you start comparing yourself to her and wondering how you can set yourself apart?

It has to stop. What type of example are we being for the next generation? Any child has the potential to be a huge influence in the world, don’t you want to set the right example?

There will always be someone smarter, more beautiful, stronger, more charming…name me the adjective, and there will always be someone who is better. That’s ok, because we’re not perfect.

One of the first steps in gaining equality with men, is by promoting equality within us women.

Instead of constantly competing, let’s rewrite the rules. Let’s aim to build one another up as a way to get ahead. People development is a huge part of my company, you cannot get promoted if you don’t help others succeed. Let’s all take on that mentality, that we get ahead by helping others reach their potential and success.

We don’t have to push someone down to move forward, rather, we propel forward by bringing others with us.

Ladies - we’re smart, beautiful, charming, loving, caring, full of intuition, and have  A LOT to offer, that of which the world has never seen. Let’s do this together. 

Celebrate one another and bring to mine each other’s successes. Let’s be our own personal cheerleader while advocating the great work our peers do. As you see your coworker (male or female) do an incredible job, let them know and let others know. Celebrate the good and learn from mistakes. 

Men - we need your help too. Support us, so that we, can support each other.  

Link to International Women’s Day: 



Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.

Or so said Solomon in Proverbs, the wisest man in the history of humanity. The answer had me gritting my teeth.

I don’t have any hard skills!

Are you a physician, accountant, carpenter,…